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Old Ties, New Year: An Ode to Self and 2017

Old Ties, New Year: An Ode to Self and 2017

Hi Everyone!!!

Long time no see, I know.

Life happens, which is pretty much all of our story. Yes, it happens but you’re NOT supposed to let it consume you.

I did.

I love my website. Looking over my recent posts and all of the pictures that I rendered, it brought back beautiful sparks of the things I love. Things that I longed for is displayed throughout this website and there are more great things in store for 2018.

During my 4-month hiatus (no post since summer), I have and (still) going through emotional and spiritual battles.

Barton Creek, Austin

Just to name a few, I have gone through my shares of depression, insecurities with my career and finances, past distractions, being far away from my support/bestfriend/sister (the #1 person in my life, besides God), family secrets/burdens….shucks, I disappoint myself constantly because I KNOW what I possess and where I’m destined to go. Yet, I have failed.

I don’t live for myself, I live for something bigger. If I rely only myself and my own strength, I will not make it in this life.

As of now, I’m really getting a glimpse of life and taking advantage of my opportunities (plus MAKING MY OWN OPPORTUNITIES) because of my grandmother withering away from breast cancer. Pastor John Gray, a minister in Houston, said something profound that still sticks to me, “I reach Heaven, yet the Father shakes His head because He said that I had great things planned for you, but you didn’t complete them.

How would you feel if you missed out on the biggest moment in your life because you didn’t say yes? …that’s my biggest fear.

Most people do not say yes because there are things that we don’t want to experience in the process.

Let’s be honest, who wants to go through pain, failure, rejection, abandonment, loneliness, and sadness? Nobody.

But…..if it wasn’t for opposition in our lives we wouldn’t be where we are today. Opposition pushes us to our position.

Yes, I have opposition but I will use that to propel me higher to where I need to be.

Not only will I have to say yes, I have to take action with what I say.

My mom gave me a fortune cookie yesterday, I was a bit excited for my fortune inside (like who eats the cookie?? lol) Just like astrology, I don’t give it much attention, but it’s funny how these fortunes tend to be right on time with things.

It said, Focus on your long-term goal. Don’t hesitate to act now.”

The new year will start in a few hours. I know there will be tons of vision board parties, prayer and fastings, goal listings, etc.

Just keep in mind to ACT NOW on what you said and ACT NOW on the process.

I’m right there with you.

Be on the look out on the many things I have set for 2018…there will be travel, food, books…..

(did I mention, that I have a book club here in Houston?? Thanks, opposition lol) and MORE.

……it’s going to be BIG!


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Joy and Blessings to you,

Shellsy M.



16 thoughts on “Old Ties, New Year: An Ode to Self and 2017”

  • I love the message of this post and I appreciate your transparency. Thank you for sharing bits of yourself and reminding us that action is needed. The quote from that pastor sent chills down my spine. I certainly don’t want to waste the time and gifts God has given me. Here’s to us pursuing our passions and acting on our God-given dreams in 2018 & beyond!

    • Hey Michelle!!! Yes!!! That quote was from awhile back but it STILL hits me on the head! I’m standing with you in agreement that we will give ACTION towards our dreams and passions. Love you much! Hopefully, I will see you later on this month!!!

  • Wow, this was such a great and inspiring post. I have been telling people over the last few weeks that I’m on fire in pursuing my purpose because I don’t want to leave this Earth and God is like I had so much in store for you. I don’t want to wonder what if because I was to scared to try. I rather try and fail than to not try at all! I’m glad that you’re getting to this place and I’m excited to see what you have in store for 2018!

    • Yes!!! We have to try!!! I’m happy about where I’m going to!! Great things are also in store for you, sis!! Can’t wait to see!!

  • This post is so good! I often talk to my husband about opposition but I never quite got it until you put it into words that really made it hit home! Looking forward to this new year!

    • Yay!!!! I was at a place where I didn’t understand opposition. Through experience and looking through different lenses, I got it now! You will have a great year Melinda!! Thanks for stopping by!! ❤

  • Girl! I love this! Yes, there are amazing things on the horizon for 2018. You are fully capable of creating an amazing life for yourself and you will. I love that you are part of the Living Out Goals Together Facebook community. I know you will be a positive encouraging voice to others, just as you are doing here on your blog.

    I too get super excited about fortune cookies. I have some on my vision board and tapped to my laptop (They’re really great ones LOL).

    • Hey love!!! I’m super glad that you enjoyed the post!! I truly believe in affirming yourself with words and support from others!!! I thank you for that!! Also, I’m glad about the platform that you have built on Facebook, truly AMAZING!! Reaching others and building a support system is what we are here to do as women!!! Sidenote: Fortune cookies are really fun lol.

  • I feel this! Going through it now. Life happens and it seems like sometimes you’re getting beat down by your circumstances but we can’t be stopped or consumed by them. God definitely has a plan for us and every obstacle is there for a reason, probably to bring something out of us we didn’t even know was there or to prepare us for greatness. The enemy wants us to throw in the towel but we gotta keep pushing. Thanks for this message & we are fighting side by side all 2018!!

  • I remember reading this blog and being so proud of my friend to be so transparent in a world that only show the “highlight reels” of their lives (aka the good good stuff lol). Your boldness inspired me to be ok in being human that serves a supernatural God! It definitely was a pick me up that day when I read and it encouraged me to keep going, that I wasn’t alone, and we got STUFF to do in this world! To my old ties…. BE GONE! I have a date with my destiny and it’s starts this New Year!

    • Yes! We do have a really great date this year!! Time to let go of the old and grasp the new! You are worthy of that!

  • I love your website. I just started writing again myself. Your ideas and the way you explain how you feel is really inspiring. I feel like I am going through a new season as well. So much truth in this blog. Keep working for the Lord. Blessings

    • I’m glad you are writing again sis, I’m loving it!! I appreciate your kind words, this is a new season and we must seize our purpose!! Thank you again for stopping by and sharing!!!

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