Me/Myself: The Struggle of My Life & My Passion

What happens when your world is in CONSTANT conflict with your purpose in life? Do you back down, do you take the hits, or DO YOU FIGHT BACK?!?? Lord knows that I love hard….but I fight just as hard. So, the obvious answer is YES, I Do Fight! Not physical (of course), but I fight for my beliefs, my character, and my passions.

For those new to my journey, I made a career change that lead to a new lifestyle. Quick Review! I did my first solo trip in Nov. 2016 (whoa, epiphany moment!), new eyes towards my purpose in traveling, quit my main income job to put more time towards my website and traveling. A lifestyle that almost everyone in my life didn’t like at all…..some of them don’t know what I do now. They know my passion for travel, buuuuut the solo part is always missing from my conversations. When they think traveling the world, it’s always in reverence of bad stereotypical movies, Taken and Hostel. (I can just hear some of my family members right now, ‘Don’t get taken!’ *giving serious side eye*) 


For that Taken movie, that whole situation could have been easily AVOIDED, if that promiscuous girl didn’t tell ALL of their business on where they stayed AND that they were alone ALL WEEK to that creepy guy. Why not have a banner for all to see?? Dodson_sings <<<< My Reaction to Stupidity

As for Hostel, AGAIN AVOIDABLE, it was unprofessional and just plain creepy from the get go. If I see a couple in one room, then the next night see a group of masculine guys in black throw all of their stuff in a trash bag??!?!?? I’m jetting that night! Fooooorgeeeeeet that!! I’m not saying that things such as trafficking and weird secret elite cults don’t happen in the world, but one thing you should possess as a traveler is wisdom. It can’t get you out of all situations, but it can take you out of most of them.


I come from a family that is comfortable with the ‘norm’. Normal job, normal interests, normal life. Pretty much like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>5450039845_5022b1a0c2

And, I’m this girl pretty much >>>>>916272pleasantville_1998_hdclub_mkv_11_24_331_000032Now that we have a visual, do you see where the struggle is? Recognizing and accepting what’s different.

How do you deal with it?….What do you do? Consistent questions in my life. I keep in mind that everyone is here for different things. We possess a set of skills and talents for something bigger than ourselves.

If you are going through a similar situation, here is a couple of things that I would advise:                                                                                             1. Know who you are and don’t let ANYONE take that away from you! People will come in to change you and/or distract (even family), but stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.                                            2. Take heed, but don’t always take in! This is where wisdom comes in. Your blessings and affirmations can come in from familiar and unfamiliar places. You have free will, you can sow it into your life or leave it be. Make sure that it’s for you, for that time!                                    3. In spite of, ALWAYS have love. Sometimes, this can be tough for me and my current situation with my family. Blood is thicker than water, which can be really good and really bad, be ready for both sides. Words from your family can affect your life, knowingly and unknowingly. It’s up to you to take it or leave it be. Spiritually, our hearts possess our emotions and desires. If you taint it with hate, it will affect your innermost self! Your passion, your purpose, your life is plagued!

From experience, I strongly encourage love AT ALL TIMES.

I know it’s tough for those out there going through the same thing, but WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!  

You can’t change people or their attitudes, but you CAN control your actions towards it.

Please share with others, this post holds near and dear to my heart, since I’m sharing a piece of my life with all of you. This just might help someone going through with their loved ones. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave it in the comment section or shoot me an email: [email protected]

As always,                                                                                                                 Spread love and travel well.





4 Replies to “Me/Myself: The Struggle of My Life & My Passion”

  1. I resonate with this because I come from a big family. We are all very opinionated, and if anything isn’t like the “whole” feels it should be, you’re outcasted and the campaign of trying to get you in your right mind begins. I totally agree with keeping love at the forefront at all times though. Thanks for sharing this. It was the first post of yours that I read, but I thought I had commented on it.

    1. I’m glad that you are really close with this one!! This post affects me the most because I still have issues with some of my family members. Some of them still do not know about my blog, book club, or my travels. To be honest, I believe that it’s best that I keep certain things to myself. It took me a very long time to accept the fact that I can’t change how the people I love feel about my life. I’m happy and I know I’m doing what God has planned for me, despite of how crazy and ‘out-the-box’ it looks or sounds lol. Again, thank you for sharing your moment here as well.

  2. Yes! I so needed this, I feel like this post was made for me. I recently changed majors. I decided to go for what I want instead of what’s been told to me. The odds are against me but Im not afraid. No matter what I tried to do, God always brought me back to the same thought. My family doesnt agree nor do they understand. They too are comfortable living the “norm” life. They instilled fear in me. They make me think that some things are out of my reach and there was no point in me trying. I will know who I am and I surely won’t allow anyone to take it from me. How can I have faith in God and be afraid to go after my hearts desires? It’s contradicting.

    1. I swear you remind me of myself!!! This is why I do what I do, you inspire me to keep pushing myself as well!! I’m soooo proud of you and I have seen you grow into a PHENOMENAL young woman!!! When it comes to what God wants for us and where we need to be, it can be uncomfortable and we will (sometimes) get attack for going outside the normal! BUUUUTTT, WE ARE NOT CALLED TO BE AVERAGE. In fact, I can remember my mom telling me why I’m not a normal child. It sucks to hear someone you love tell you that, but even family will not always understand. Whenever it comes to our purpose, dreams, etc., God wants EXCELLENCE. Excellence is not mediocre. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of your story!! Keep going!! Call me or text me whenever you want hun!! Love you much!!

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