Houston, we have an UPRISING!

Recap of The H-Town Sneaker Summit: Women’s Edition….Okuur!

Last week, I’ve experienced a shift in the sneaker culture….and, of course, women are behind it! To me, it’s faaaaar from a problem, it’s about time!

That shift changing experience is called the Sneaker Summit, dubbed the world’s longest running sneaker convention to ‘sneakerheads‘ and enthusiasts who shows interest in the culture popping up in cities like Chicago and Austin. It’s a huge extravaganza of buying, selling, trading, browsing of the vintage, new, exclusive sneakers and accessories associated with them…a huge, one stop shop of EVERYTHING sneaker network!

For the H-Town Edition, ‘It was trill!’ Houstonians showed up and showed out! Old school H-Town rap booming through the hall, city kings such as Bun B showed love, local sneakerheads using street marketing skills to get the win throughout the conference floor. I can only describe it as a beautiful, structured chaotic orchestra, it flowed in such a natural way and nothing was forced.

As I mentioned before, the women’s presence at the summit was not shaded! Conventions like Sneaker Summit usually draws out the male crowd more, but women showed out the business skills and love for the sneaker culture as well.

Speaking of…..behind the slayage of SneakHer Summit, Tausha Sanders and Wendy Franklin, (the women’s edition of Sneaker Summit, Instagram: @sneakhersummit) provided an open booth (the FIRST) for women to express their sneaker love through connections of future SneakHer Summit events and a mini-nail salon that provided custom Nike nail arthow dope is that?? I appreciate witnessing strong women stepping into theirOWN dreams and showing that WE are here!

As they represent for the ladies, tirelessly ripping and running around the event space. I came across other ladies around the vendor’s circle and hall floor, (everyone knows my love for woman empowerment) *smirks*.

One of the awesome ladies that I’ve encountered was Julie Gray, the visionary and curator of the newest and hottest pop-up street art gallery in the East Downtown Houston area called PlayHaus . She is very true to her craft and very unapologetic when it comes to her influences. I’m always intrigued to ask about creator’s influences and aspirations, that way I can get a glimpse into their world. Julie is all about spiritual connection and positive energy with her work pieces. With her special piece curated for the Sneaker Summit, you can definitely see the influence of the sneaker community and the Houston street life atmosphere. To catch more of her and her gallery, be sure to follow the gallery’s Instagram handle: @playhaushtx and go see it!

Down the way from the PlayHaus booth is the beautiful, Mrs. Micka Ellis-Brown representing the creative Houston-themed shirts, Rep The City Brand (www.repthecitybrand.com) along with Houston’s own 9.79 The Box Radio Figure HardbodyKiotti. The thing is: she did not come to play with mentioning her other ‘blinging’ business called The Tuth Fairy. She installs quality lead-free Swarovski crystals on teeth by using ONLY dental grade light cured adhesive. She is super proud of her brand and the female energy surrounding the event! Make sure to set your appointment for your specialized tooth gems by following her Instagram page: @mrs.fashionlife!

Then, there is the one and only KS the OG, CEO of Wipe Your Airs! LITERALLY, one of the top shoe accessories to keep your space clean before you walk in the door. Doormats! With cool sayings such as ‘Kiss My Airs’ and ‘Please Remove Your Yeezys’, it has made it home in various shoe boutiques around the country such as Urban Necessities and Third Degree Heat. KS is the epitome of turning trials/tribulations of life into purpose and goals for all dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs (like, myself). She told me in the most transparent and passionate way that she didn’t start with much money, she used all of her life savings to make 60 rugs in 3 months handmade and sold out on her 1st show last year! Go support this awesome chick on her business page, www.wipeyourairs.com. **Plus, it is rude and offensive in some cultures to bring your shoes in the house…soooo, yea lol**.

What I love about all the women I have met at the Sneaker Summit and featured on this post is their passion and drive to do what they want to do and need to get done with not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

3 Tips to Pass Off to Come to the next Sneaker Summit *y’all know I like take aways lol*

  • Don’t wear your most favorite sneaker to the summit. I was told by a fellow sneakerhead that these things get crazy with people and foot traffic is fast. So, if you want to avoid the scuffs and dirt, keep your babies at home.
  • Get your ticket EARLY on-line or at available shoe stores that sells hard copies. If you like the ‘star’ sightings’ * (celebs), free giveaways, raffles, and full VIP experience, get there early and buy your ticket early!
  • Don’t be shy! Network, build connections with people. So far, you already have one common denominator: sneakers 🙂 You never know who you will meet that will probably change your life.

As always, I love coming to different open, creative spaces around Houston! You should open yourselves to local events in your area as well!

Tausha, thank you for the invite! Again, make sure to check these ladies out and their upcoming ventures! Until next time, much love and blessings!

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  1. Now this looks like a DOPE event! I’m loving all the passion and creative energy that was shared. I never knew there was a such thing as a Sneaker Summit, but please believe I will be getting familiar! Heading to check out all these amazing people involved. Thanks for sharing all the deets, love! And lemme tell you I am loving your look!

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