Work with Me

Interview at the Curly Girl Picnic in Austin, Tx (SXSW 2018)

Let’s bring dreams into REALITY.

With the Unconventional Shell © brand, the purpose is to reach out and empower young girls to embrace their unique inner being against the world’s standard of acceptance and beauty.

There are many opportunities to work with me through your special events and workshops. Also, I work with other great bloggers and businesses as well. I can’t wait to make positive, powerful changes with you!

  • Pillow Talk 2017 with Undeniable Crown Non-Profit

The Unconventional Shell © is based in Houston, Texas. I am ALWAYS open to opportunities and collaborations outside of the area. The company/brand representative can inquire me through the Contact Info below and I will reply to your contact within 24-48 hours. Please inquire your event 2-3 weeks in advance.